Sperry / Univac Control Panel

John Peterson, September 2005

I found this panel on EBay. Like the PDP-11/70 panel, I'd like to re-animate it someday. The PDP-11/70 is very well documented and widely understood. This panel, unfortunately, is not. I have no documentation about it and no idea about what system it's off of.

Opening it up reveals it's made out of mid-70's TTL design, with actual datecodes of around 79-80. Most of the chips are well-known 74xx series, but a few are real puzzles. Here are some close-ups, with yellow question marks flagging the mystery chips:

3008194(=7474) 5036516? 2892079?

2892084? 2899582(=HSR9318 8 input priority encoder)

I suspect these chips are standard TTL, just victims of some sort of evil Univac house coding - other chips with regular 74xxx labels have similar seven digit labels. I'm guessing the "-00" is some sort of speed grade or series ID.

Any clues? Please email me at univac[at]saccade.com

Update 5-Oct-05
Several of the mystery parts appear in the CMBComponents database, with the right manufacturers. So perhaps the seven digit TTL numbering scheme was used other places as well. Unfortunately, there's no online data sheets (and no, I don't want to buy $150 worth of them...)

Update 10-Mar-06
Score! Bryan Blackburn sent me a link to "a chip cross reference print from Honeywell Surplus" he found in 1978. This provided clues to two of the five mystery chips, and indicates the others are probably similar TTL gates or latches. Thanks Bryan!