Free Mac Software

Occasionally in times past I've had time to develop some offbeat Mac software. The samples here are distributed free of charge. Permission to re-distribute, in the original form with no modifications is granted.

Wallpaper For the Mind (v2.0)

Based on a Scientific American "Computer Recreations" column of years ago, Wallpaper for the Mind generates chaotic patterns at incredible speed. It's similar to a standard screensaver on SGI workstations, but runs much faster.

The application is a fat binary, and should run on any Mac running 7.0 or later.

Click here to download (32K)

Click image for a screenshot

Pico 2.0

Based on Gerard Holzmann's book, "Beyond Photography", Pico is a system for manipulating images with mathematical expressions. A simple expression in Pico can produce very dramatic image effects. Expressions in Pico are translated on the fly into efficient machine code via a custom compiler. Pico should run on any Mac with Color QuickDraw and System 7.0 or later. The package includes some sample images and a brief tutorial.

Click here to download (407K)

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