Miscellaneous projects.

Puzzlemation - A Dynamic Tile Display. Weasure - A Digital Scale that Weighs and Measures.
Curilights - Colorful String of Animated Lights.  
Curilights Controller - Easy to Use Interface for Curilights.
Notes on my experience bringing up Debian Linux to make a household file server.  

Cheap Cameras for Kids: The Dakota "Single Use" Camera.
Creating a Debian based print server from found parts. Re-animating a PDP-11/70 control panel to bring those blinking lights and switches back to life.
Using a tilt sensor as a user interface. Mysterious Sperry/Univac panel awaits re-animation someday.
WireWrap WireWrap story - building a calculator and computer with gates 'n latches.   Color meter A portable Color Meter with an LCD and Ethernet
Copter repair Repairing a DOA toy R/C helicopter.   Samsung Tablet stand mod Fixng a charging dock / stand for my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" tablet.
  Monitoring your Internet connection for attempted break-ins.   Quick hint: Using an old card-key to turn your MacBook Pro into a paper holder.


Computer graphics technical papers from a while back.

Here, for the record, are some technical papers I wrote in college and shortly thereafter. More recent efforts have been consumed by lawyers, further obfuscated, and fed to the US Patent office (a side effect of corporate patent filing bonuses). Some of the papers originally produced in LaTeX look a bit ragged on the screen in the Acrobat viewer but print just fine.
An Introduction To Knot Vectors A tutorial on B-Spline curves, and in particular, on how to use the knot vector to control their shape. (PDF, 104K) Distributed Computation for Computer Animation Originally presented at the 1987 Usenix Graphics Workshop. A survey of techniques for lashing together Unix workstations to compute animated movie frames.(PDF, 187K)
Arc Length Parametrization of Spline Curves. An academic exercise: How to use Chebyshev polynomials to create spline curves with arc-length parametrization (PDF, 226K) The Utah Raster Toolkit Originally presented at the 1986 Usenix Graphics Workshop. Image processing in the days before Photoshop. Later made popular by Craig Kolb's Rayshade.(PDF, 1.4MB)
Ray Tracing Spline Surfaces with Motion Blur A distillation of my MS thesis, it describes how to efficiently ray trace spline surfaces. Some of the techniques, such as the "pixel thresher" are still interesting.(PDF, 328K) Tessellation of NURB Surfaces Originally published in Graphics Gems IV, 1994. As of this writing it's still in print (and I get a whopping $0.07 for each copy sold!). A great tutorial on how to turn surfaces into triangles for rendering or computation.(Amazon)