J. Peterson's Writing About Electronics, Reviews, 3D Modeling, etc.


Various technology projects I’ve developed over the years.

Puzzlemation РA Dynamic Tile Display.  Individually powered LED matrix tiles running a synchronized animated display.
Weasure – A Digital Scale that Weighs and Measures your package’s dimensions.
Curilights – Colorful Strings of LEDs with synchronized animation.
Curilights Controller – Easy to Use Interface for Curilights.
Notes on my experience bringing up Debian Linux to make a household file server
Re-animating a PDP-11/70 control panel to bring those blinking lights and switches back to life.
Using a tilt sensor as a user interface for maze games.
Mysterious Sperry/Univac panel awaits re-animation someday.
WireWrap story – building a calculator and computer with gates ‘n latches, as part of a University of Utah hardware engineering course.
A portable Color Meter with an LCD and Ethernet
Repairing a DOA toy R/C helicopter.