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Welcome to Saccade.com


Online since mid-2003 or so, Saccade.com is the repository for projects (mostly electronics) I’ve developed over the years.  During the 2000’s, many of these were contest entries that won several prizes.  I’ve also published some old computer graphics papers here.  I’ve recently started 3D modelling and printing projects and will publish those here as well.

In 2016, I’m re-launching it in blog format, although the original content is still around as static pages. Some material is also cross-posted to places like Medium and Hackaday.io (I maintain my own copies here in case those sites begin Their Incredible Journey someday.)  If you really want to see the old version of the site, it’s here.


By day I’m a senior software developer.  I’m also on Twitter.


saccade refers to the rapid, jerking movement your eye makes when reading or scanning the horizon.  It’s pronounced sa-KAHD.  I was hacking on panorama software around the time I acquired the domain, and found the concept fascinating.